Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Dispatch 7 – Member News and Views – February 5, 2021

#construction #building #architecture #contractor #equipment #engineer #safety

Foreman Fred’s Dispatch #7 highlights the news, blog shares, announcements and videos shared by the members of Construction Links Network over the past week.

Thank you to our contributing members this week:

Procore Technologies – http://ow.ly/HvXD30ruW9n

Command Alkon – http://ow.ly/9sRi30rtSq7

BC Housing Research Centre – http://ow.ly/rvwo30rtSqQ

Canada Green Building Council – http://ow.ly/Ix4630rtSr6

Finning Canada – http://ow.ly/dUMt30rtSre

WALKING FLOOR International / Canada Inc. – http://ow.ly/8dDS30ruW9E

Kryton International – http://ow.ly/n9AE30rvOVy

Sustainable Buildings Canada – http://ow.ly/XkC930rvOWF

RAIC | IRAC – http://ow.ly/W3cc30rvOWV

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Members use this platform to share and onboard their digital content on the Internet, through social media and our popular E-newsletters. Ideal for product / service releases, company announcements /appointments, blog sharing, webinars, videos and more. Thanks for watching. Stop by to visit us at anytime!

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