Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Dispatch 131 Construction Links Network

Dispatch 131 highlights the #news, #blogs, #podcasts, #webinars, #casestudies and #videos shared by the members of Construction Links Network over the past week.

Currently there are 9,094 searchable content shares and 1,460 videos on the platform.

This week, top content shares include:

Real-Time Reporting: The Benefits of Using Software To Track Project Progress – https://t.ly/I0Qj

Why Project Management Software Still Reigns Supreme in Construction Tech – https://t.ly/C9ZM

IAPMO Launches the IAPMO Codes Portal – https://t.ly/OiZ0

Ajax cuts equipment repair costs by 11% and increases reliability with maintenance management software – https://t.ly/EOhu

Working Towards a Sustainable Future in Construction Whitepaper – https://t.ly/Z_Pi5

Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change themselves – https://t.ly/m93IN

Cooper Equipment Rentals announces two acquisitions in Western Canada – https://t.ly/vyiyJ

TrueLook Introduces Strobes and Sirens for Unparalleled Jobsite Security – https://t.ly/IIrS

RONA donates over $400K to the Fondation Charles-Bruneau during the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau – https://t.ly/7TN4K

How Restoration Companies Respond to Disaster Recovery – https://t.ly/iuXc