Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Deter, Detect and Reduce Threats Using SafeTech Security!

Society has changed to react to a threat that cannot be seen and not everyone understands. We are all afraid for our security in more than one way. SafeTech Security can help you. Through the use of thermal imaging cameras that can detect high body temperature and alert premise managers to a potential threat or contactless door entry systems that decrease the potential spread of Covid-19, we can help. For businesses that have employees working from home and have unoccupied spaces we can deter and detect unlawful intrusions.

SafeTech has an abundance of knowledge and experience designing custom security solutions for each client and all at a competitive price.

We own and operate a ULC Listed Central Station, allowing us to provide clients with 24/7 monitoring and personalized support.

SafeTech has been in the business of protecting clients for 25 years.

Keep your employees and loved ones safe, contact us at 416-229-9902 or 1-888-939-3733 for more information or visit our website at www.safetechalarms.com