Friday, July 19, 2024
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Building Performance Analysis – the Quest for Ultimate Efficiency

Presented by: Markus Lenger

Do you feel a growing frustration throughout the industry because heat pump water heaters are getting a bad rap? Why is that? The technology is sound and they’re an excellent alternative to the regular water heater, yet most of them don’t work as they should and don’t provide the energy and water savings the owner expected. When hired by a major utility to determine the efficiency of heat pump water heating systems, we found that collecting accurate and relevant data was surprisingly difficult. Despite spending a significant amount of time and money on testing different technologies to find the answers our client needed, we found most of them unreliable, proprietary, and expensive and few provided the scope of assets we were looking for. Initially, we set out to create a tool that would measure HPWH efficiency but on our journey found that analyzing a building’s performance is becoming increasingly important to reduce running costs and lower carbon footprint. It therefore became imperative to find cost effective, reliable, comprehensive, and traceable data collection technology to assess an entire building’s performance. Our challenge was clear – to create a tool that didn’t exist that provided us comprehensive building system data for an entire building, in other words the analysis of the Building-as-a-System.

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