Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Building Code Compliance – 3-D Concrete Walls Constructed Using 3-D Printing Construction Technology

Advances in construction technology have opened doors for building construction with new and innovative methods that are fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective. One of these methods is three-dimensional (3D) printing construction technology (also known as additive manufacturing) for the job site construction of 3D concrete walls. Construction with 3D printing construction technology offers many advantages, such as single step manufacturing process that can provide expedited construction times and consequently lower labor costs, and many more. Because 3D printing construction technology is not within the provisions of the International Building Code (IBC), the predominant building code in the United States, an acceptance criterion for 3D printing construction technology for 3D concrete walls (AC509) has been developed under IBC Section 104.11. This paper explains the requirements of acceptance criteria AC509, and how 3D concrete walls constructed using 3D printing construction technology are evaluated under AC509 to be in compliance with the predominant building code in the United States (IBC).

Courtesy of American Concrete Institute