Thursday, October 6, 2022
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The 2022 Green Building Festival

October 5th, 2022

Festival programming will focus on the challenges and opportunities of achieving and maintaining positive outcomes. A diverse range of speakers will address pathways to positive outcomes: the complexity of retrofitting existing buildings, new approaches that enable users to maintain a net-positive lifestyle, the potential of tiny houses and more.

How the World Trade Center Was Rebuilt

October 4th, 2022

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center had become synonymous with the skyline of the city. Iconic towers that have become symbols far beyond the city limits. Replacing such symbols seems like an impossible task, and it became a challenge that will end up taking over 20 years, in which countless different interests will have to be weighed against each other.

9 Questions with Bradley Babcock | Marine Safety and Operations

September 28th, 2022

The Gordie Howe International Bridge project is a once-in-a-generation undertaking. Not only will the project deliver much-needed transportation improvements for international travellers, it will also provide jobs and opportunities for growth to the Windsor-Detroit region and includes features that make this project truly distinctive.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG: PR Tips for Exhibitors – What’s in a Press Kit?

September 28th, 2022

Construction Links Network is a proud media sponsor for 2023 CONEXPO-CON/AGG – the largest construction show in North America. Our friend Sandra Mason, Director of Public Relations at Association of Equipment Manufacturers gives us an overview of what is in a press kit […]

Finning in the Yukon: Klondike Road Relay

September 28th, 2022

Finning Canada recently had the honour of sponsoring The Klondike Road Relay in Whitehorse, YT. This amazing event covered a total of 175 km, from Skagway, through B.C., to the finish line in Whitehorse. Our top priority was safety, and we were happy to be able to supply the night runners with LED safety vests.

Get out to where your people are

September 28th, 2022

It’s easy to lead from behind a desk, but it’s impossible to run an operation. Effective leadership involves getting out there.

One day a drone swarm could 3D print buildings on the fly

September 21st, 2022

Drones working together can create 3D-printed cylinder structures made of foam or cement building materials. The experiments are paving the way for a future where swarms of drones could help construct extremely tall or intricate structures.

I understand what you do

September 13th, 2022

I’ve been writing about construction for nearly two decades. I’ve interviewed more than 1,000 people who work in the construction industry on many topics from equipment to technology to processes to best practices, so I have a good understanding of your company’s goals and pain points and communications needs. Don’t trust your company’s marketing and communications to just any writer; trust Nathan Medcalf Freelance.

NexGen Builders Annual Retreat 2022

September 13th, 2022

The 2022 Annual NexGen Builders Retreat, held at Niagara on the Lake brought together mentors and mentees for an opportunity to deepen their connections with a full day of team building activities, games, food and speaker sessions.

Cafeteria Refinishing | Effective Solution For Surface Refinishing

September 12th, 2022

Renovation usually involves replacing some things with others. With Bodaq Interior Film you can quickly and effectively refinish all surfaces. The film is durable, so it easily withstands constant loads in such areas as cashier desks, beverage stations, etc. Another advantage is that refinishing is cheaper than buying new. It saves up to 50% of your budget.