Monday, April 15, 2024
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Advantageous Deal for Indiana Car Buyers: Luxury Sedan at the Cost of City Crossover

Car lot at Indy Auto Man dealership, IN

Car lot at Indy Auto Man dealership, IN

Indy Auto Man car dealership, Indianapolis

Indy Auto Man car dealership, Indianapolis

IAM one of the top rated used car dealerships in Indiana

Welcome to IAM used car dealership

The Indiana used car dealer explains why luxury cars cost half their price on the secondary market and what benefits the second owner gets.

3 years is a perfect age for premium brand car buyers: such autos have already depreciated in price but are prestigious, comfortable, and equipped with all modern systems.”

— Victor Figlin, GM for Indy Auto Man

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, March 20, 2024 / — On the Indiana secondary market, consumers can buy a relatively new luxury sedan for the price of a new economy class car. According to Indy Auto Man, Audi models, on average, lose over 39% of their value after three years. But some BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars become more than twice as cheap over the same period.

The company also named models of premium full-size sedans that depreciate more than others over three years. So, here are the three-year-old status models one can buy for the price of a new city crossover:

The Audi A4 and Infiniti Q50 lose 51% of their value in the first three years of ownership, so one can buy them for $20,000 – $30,000. The BMW 3 Series will cost about 9 thousand more.
The Mercedes-Benz E-Class loses more than 55% of its value, and one can buy it after three years of ownership for around $40,000.
Another affordable option is the Volvo S60, which loses 53% of its value, gaining a price tag of about $33,000.
The Audi A6 can become almost 56% cheaper in three years, and a good one can cost around $24,000.

The experts explain this rapid drop in luxury cars’ value by various factors. This includes the release of new models, the change of generations in this class, and the high cost of their operation. If cars in the mid-price category lose half their value in four to five years, luxury brands experience a similar price reduction by three to four years. Further, prices fall more slowly and nearly stop decreasing by 10–12 years.

“If you want to buy a pre-owned sedan from a premium brand, you will be satisfied by the assortment. There is an excess of luxury cars on the Indiana secondary market right now,” notes Victor Figlin, GM at Indy Auto Man. “After a long downtime, manufacturers release updated models and stimulate sales, making consumers get rid of their 2-3 year old vehicles. At the same time, the demand for sedans is not so high, crossovers still dominate the market. Therefore, this spring is the best time to shop for luxury sedans – a top-quality vehicle can cost half the price.”

The main buyers of new luxury cars are wealthy people with several vehicles in their garage. To comply with trends and support their status, they sell cars often and buy new ones. This leads to market oversaturation with luxury models in perfect technical condition that are at most two or three years old.

The other side of the coin is the high costs of maintaining cars such as BMWs. Experts confirm that most luxury models are of premium quality, and, when calculated in advance, a monthly maintenance of a BMW or Mercedes-Benz will not be a burden for the next owner. However, some car owners rush to sell a car as soon as a manufacturer’s warranty ends.

This is how a disproportion in supply and demand for expensive cars on the market is created, which leads to a rapid drop in prices on the secondary market. All these factors play into the hands of the second owner. They get a car in just-like-new condition but much cheaper, as even a one-year-old car can lose 20 percent or more in value. All issues were fixed by the first owner under warranty, the car was run-in and is ready to serve the new owner for several more years without serious problems. Moreover, the subsequent sale will no longer carry serious depreciation risks. Those looking for a reliable, comfortable, and prestigious sedan, can buy one at IAM with no hassle.

About Indy Auto Man
In the domain of luxury cars, Indy Auto Man has been a well-reputed market player for more than 15 years. At their car lot, buyers can find dozens of premium models from American, German, and Japanese manufacturers, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, and Lexus. The quality of all vehicles is backed by a thorough reconditioning process, free Carfax history report, 7-day return and 30-day price match guarantees.

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