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2024 Oppolia Home Solution – Jane · Alice Wins Gold at MUSE Design Awards

In 2024, Oppolia Home’s “Jane · Alice” furniture set won gold at the MUSE Design Awards. Oppolia also seeks dealers to bring luxury living solutions globally.

UNITED STATES, May 30, 2024 / — The Muse Design Awards is determined to honor outstanding design across a wide range of disciplines worldwide. This prestigious event, which recognizes innovation and creativity, showcases the best talent in the fields of architecture, interior design, and product design, inspiring professionals and setting new standards for the industry.

In 2024, an astonishing furniture set design from Oppolia HomeJane · Alice became the gold winner in furniture design. Jane · Alice, which is inspired by the trend of “she-economy”, focuses on light green, a popular color in trendy aesthetics, as the main mood, supplemented by soft coffee colors, green and pink patterns) and a smooth, warm surface, to create a healing environment, thus fulfilling women’s desire for high-quality and cozy environments. This collection is intended to create a comfortable and valuable setting.

Oppolia Home Solution is always inspiring and practical combining functional and visually appealing features. In the living room, vertical glass partitions with narrow frames are applied to the TV cabinet, creating a sense of lightness. The cabinet collection utilizes open storage solutions to optimize storage capacity while keeping things simple and tidy. Wall cabinets, with beveled edges and vertical lighting strips, add visual extension and enhance spaciousness in the room. In the kitchen, an island features a glossy finish and overlapping countertops designed to be eye-catching and practical for daily use. Enter the bedroom and it is all about relaxation. A soothing background and hidden light fixtures create a healing effect that relieves the stress of residence. Oppolia Home aims to convey the practical and trendy living style of customization solutions for entire home spaces. It offers a wide range of home decor products such as custom cabinetry, finished furniture, interior doors, wall boards, soft furnishings, home appliances, etc.

Eliminating redundant elements is the trend in futuristic home design. Oppolia, a trendsetter in the home solution field, innovates design ideas and brings astonishing results to global consumers. With the mission of “fulfilling people’s aspirations for a better home”, Oppolia Home, the high-end custom home brand of Oppein Home Group Inc., is dedicated to providing minimalist, functional, and modern home furnishing products. The company established a designer alliance and R&D center in Milan in 2010 in partnership with Italian fashion and home art designer Marco Bortolin. Gathering the most talented designers, the company sets a high standard for the home furnishing industry. Additionally, according to the 2023 financial report, it invested 160.85 million USD in product innovation and talent cultivation.

Oppolia’s extraordinary achievement at the Muse Design Awards 2024 not only underscores its commitment to excellence but also sets an unprecedented benchmark for innovation and design quality in the industry. As Oppolia continues to innovate and push the boundaries of functionality and creativity, this award is a testament to its long-term vision and commitment to shaping the future of home space design. And we shall believe that, in the coming years, Oppolia will continue to inspire and transform living spaces around the world.

With the determination to bring luxurious living solutions to more families, Oppolia Home is currently looking for more dealers worldwide. By joining the dealership network, you will benefit from stable product supplies, a complete product range, exclusive dealership prices, comprehensive training, and various incentives. Count on the company to lead your start-up business to new heights of success.

Therefore, if you are thinking of improving your current product portfolio or getting support from a successful partner, joining the Oppolia Global Dealership Network is the chance you shall never miss! View more details at Get Custom Home Furnishings Business Opportunity | OPPOLIA

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