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Wagamachi by Shunsuke Ohe Wins Silver in A’ Interior Design Awards

Wagamachi by Shunsuke Ohe


Shunsuke Ohe’s Futuristic and Luxurious Sauna and Bar Design Recognized for Excellence by Prestigious A’ Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award

COMO, CO, ITALY, July 2, 2024 / — The A’ Design Award, a highly prestigious and well-recognized award in the field of interior design, has announced Shunsuke Ohe‘s innovative work, “Wagamachi,” as a Silver Award winner in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category. This prestigious recognition highlights the significance of Ohe’s design within the interior industry, positioning it as a noteworthy achievement that showcases exceptional creativity and functionality.

Wagamachi’s award-winning design is particularly relevant to current trends and needs within the interior industry, as it seamlessly combines a luxurious atmosphere with a futuristic, edgy, and impactful finish. This unique blend of elements aligns with the growing demand for spaces that offer both comfort and visual intrigue, making Wagamachi a prime example of innovative interior design that advances industry standards and practices.

What sets Wagamachi apart is its ability to transport visitors to an extraordinary world of another dimension through its carefully crafted design elements. The public and private sauna rooms feature an unusual application of wooden boards on the ceiling and walls, creating a futuristic ambiance enhanced by indirect lighting. The adjacent shower and relaxation areas, finished in black and grey-toned tiles, provide a deeply relaxing environment, with the fluctuating indirect lighting in the relaxation area allowing guests to enter a world of their own.

The recognition of Wagamachi by the A’ Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award serves as a testament to Shunsuke Ohe’s dedication to creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. This achievement is expected to inspire future designs within the LUSTYdesign Inc. brand, fostering further innovation and exploration in the realm of interior design. The award also motivates the brand’s team to continue striving for excellence and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.

Interested parties may learn more about the design at the following URL:

About Shunsuke Ohe
CEO and founder of LUSTYdesign Inc., Shunsuke Ohe became interested in architecture and interior design at an early age, beginning his earnest studies in these fields at the age of 15. He is involved in architectural design, interior design, and interior coordination for a wide range of projects, including hotels, houses, stores, offices, and showrooms. Ohe’s passion lies in creating designs that make people’s hearts flutter, constantly striving to deliver spaces that evoke emotion and inspire.

About Shunsuke Ohe
Established in 2012 in Japan, LUSTYdesign Inc. seamlessly integrates architectural design, interior design, and interior coordination. The company has designed a diverse array of projects, including private homes, hotels, nurseries, restaurants, fitness gyms, offices, showrooms, and sweets shops. LUSTYdesign Inc. operates under the theme of “life with design,” aiming to create spaces that enhance and enrich the daily lives of those who inhabit them.

About Silver A’ Design Award
The Silver A’ Design Award recognizes highly regarded designs that embody excellence and innovation. Recipients of this award are acknowledged for their notable contributions to raising industry standards and advancing the practice of design through their creative works. The rigorous selection process, conducted by a world-class jury panel of design professionals, interior industry experts, journalists, and academics, ensures that only the most deserving projects are honored with this prestigious title. Silver A’ Design Award-winning designs showcase a remarkable level of expertise, artistic skill, and innovation, making a positive impact on the world through their exceptional characteristics.

About A’ Design Award
The A’ Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award is an internationally respected competition that promotes excellence and innovation within the interior design industry. Welcoming a diverse range of participants, including visionaries, leading agencies, innovative companies, renowned manufacturers, and influential brands, the award provides a platform for showcasing creativity and gaining global recognition. The A’ Design Award, organized annually since 2008, spans all industries and is open to entries from all countries. Its ultimate aim is to recognize and promote superior products and projects that advance and benefit society, contributing to the creation of a better world through the power of good design. Interested parties may learn more about the A’ Design Awards, explore jury members, view past laureates, and participate with their projects at:

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