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VertiGIS Announces New Global Cloud Infrastructure Platforms For Customers

LONDON, UK, June 26, 2024 / — – VertiGIS, the leader in spatial asset management solutions, today announced its new cloud infrastructure to unite all VertiGIS solutions into global cloud platforms.

Having grown through multiple acquisitions over recent years, VertiGIS has a variety of different product applications, and it has now unified these solutions under cloud infrastructure platforms.

The primary platform will be Microsoft Azure’s public cloud, which offers high degrees of flexibility, scalability, security, compliance, and privacy – all of which were decisive in VertiGIS choosing Azure over comparable cloud providers. Additionally, Azure has data centers around the world, ensuring low-latency access to services. This global footprint was beneficial to VertiGIS which operates in 23 countries and has a global customer base.

Christoph Ihnenfeld, VP Global IT VertiGIS said: “Many of our customers are still on-premises but they are struggling to manage their infrastructure in today’s modern digital environment. This is where cloud really comes into its own, enabling organizations to move their existing applications into a cloud infrastructure. We are also providing customers with the option of a private cloud managed service capacity depending on their needs, but we believe many will take advantage of the multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure that we have set up. The advantage of Azure is that it seamlessly integrates with on-premises data centers to Azure or vice versa, which means we can provide our customers with choice, depending on where they are in their cloud journey.”

This means that VertiGIS customers can reduce their hosting costs while optimizing their technology in a more secure, scalable, and modern environment. VertiGIS understands that customers struggle to host a cloud environment internally; often they don’t have the resources or expertise. VertiGIS’ new cloud platform will help to alleviate these challenges.

Additionally, many organizations are not equipped to adequately deal with the increasing threat of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. VertiGIS has obtained SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications which asserts first-class cybersecurity posture, ultimately giving customers peace of mind that their applications and data are truly secure.

VertiGIS already has a wealth of experience in deploying and managing cloud environments and was recently recognized as having attained the ArcGIS Cloud Services Speciality designation from Esri, a market leader in GIS, with whom VertiGIS has a strong partnership. To attain this speciality, VertiGIS demonstrated proficiency across key areas of cloud including cloud deployments, systems architecture, migrations, and managed services for ArcGIS, undergoing a rigorous review and certification process.

For security and privacy reasons, some companies do not want to store their data in public cloud environments where they must share resources with other users. For customers concerned about where their data resides and is stored, VertiGIS is working with a secondary private cloud provider, Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), part of Deutsche Telekom.

Based in Germany, this provider is already supporting a couple of large VertiGIS customers, with the city of Berlin, and the cities of Hamburg and Bremen utilising this infrastructure. VertiGIS also offers an additional hybrid-cloud option which allows customers to use its SaaS infrastructure for applications while keeping their data behind their own firewall. This is a unique option that also addresses customers’ concerns about data privacy or ownership.

Based upon decades of deep industry experience and research into cutting-edge technology, VertiGIS will continue to invest in configurable, cloud-ready solutions and infrastructure that solves real-world challenges for its customers.

Thomas Buchmann, Senior Cloud Architect at VertiGIS concludes: “We want to offer our customers ultimate choice and the VertiGIS platform is flexible and configurable to address their unique requirements. We’re adept at making sure that customers stay on top of the latest trends whilst remaining responsive to the pace of technology change and ensuring their environment meets future requirements.”

About VertiGIS
VertiGIS is a leading asset management and geographic information systems (GIS) solution provider and software developer. Their focus is on the development of software solutions and services that enable professionals in the utilities, government, telecommunications, and infrastructure market segments to connect their business processes with spatial management technology. Used by more than 5,000 customers and millions of end users around the world, VertiGIS’ product portfolio is designed to enhance the capabilities of leading GIS software, especially Esri’s ArcGIS®. For more information visit

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