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Ventiques Announces Sale for Popular Products

Flush mount metal vents
Ventiques Flush Mount Floor Register

MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2024 / — Ventiques is excited to announce a special sale on its popular products, offering customers incredible deals. This New Year promotion covers five different in-demand vents prominently featured on the home page.

Senior officials at Ventiques express their commitment to providing unparalleled offers, emphasizing that these opportunities are still available as the new year unfolds.

Here’s a brief overview of the featured products:

1. Original Series – Forest Flush Mount Metal Floor Register:½” frame thickness for seamless alignment with flooring height. Suitable for various flooring options, adhered, fastened, or floated. Available in 9 different colors, offering a stylish and classy appearance. Multiple size options cater to diverse needs.
Unique design enhances ventilation and adds aesthetic appeal.

2. Original Series Tornado Flush Mount Metal Floor Register: Geometric layout and intricate patterns for a distinctive look.
Versatile design suitable for different flooring options. 9 color choices to complement various interior styles. Built with durability in mind, supporting over 875 pounds. Interchangeable grill within the same series.

3. Original Series Breeze Flush Mount Metal Floor Register: Universal appeal with a seamless flush mount finish. Ideal for various flooring options, including laminate and hardwood. Durable construction supports up to 875 pounds. Available in 9 different colors for customization. Incorporates a built-in damper in the breeze style.

4. Ventiques Avalanche Flush Mount Metal Floor Register: Unique avalanche design for an attractive appearance. Easy installation with frame and grill included. Suitable for modern to traditional home designs. ½” frame thickness for compatibility with laminate, hardwood, and more. Perfect for those seeking a distinctive outdoor style.

5. Wood Drop-in/Overlapping Vents: Sits on top of the flooring surface with edges overlapping. Versatile installation, suitable for any flooring option.
Available in various wood species, both domestic and exotic. Unfinished for customizable finishing to match preferences. A timeless addition to existing or new flooring installations.

6. Wood Sidewall/Baseboard Vents: Designed for duct openings next to walls or floor edges. Horizontal and louvered options for maximum airflow.
Available in a variety of wood species, including exotic and reclaimed. Unfinished for personalized finishing.

Five Considerations Before Buying Metal and Wood Vents:
Duct Measurement: Accurately measure the duct opening.
Color Options: Choose from various colors based on space design.
Type of Vent: Decide between metal flush mount or wood drop-in/flush vent.
Flooring Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with different flooring types.
Quality: Consider the quality of metal or wood vents for long-lasting satisfaction.

About Ventiques: Ventiques is a leading provider of high-quality metal and wood vents, offering a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing and functional products. Renowned for premium material quality, functionality, and unique features, Ventiques stands out in the online and offline market. The company continuously introduces new offers and schemes, providing customers with opportunities to elevate their spaces with advanced, attractive, and functional ventilation solutions. Explore Ventiques for a range of vents that enhance aesthetics, functionality, and overall ventilation.

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