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Trusting Solar Calculator Adds Even More Features

Trusting Solar Calculator Logo

Trusting Solar Calculator Logo

Solar Wizard

Solar Wizard

Trusting Solar Calculator

Trusting Solar Calculator

Becoming a bestselling plugin for solar dealers worldwide

We are more than pleased at the success of the Wizard plugin. We are helping dealers, literally worldwide, to convert more leads to sales.”

— Anna Covert, Principal of Trusted Solar Calculator

HONOLULU, HI, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/ — The Trusting Solar Calculator, also known as the Solar Wizard, was developed by a team of developers who saw the need to help solar dealers convert more leads to sales. The plugin allows homeowners and businesses interested in solar who visit solar websites to get an idea of the cost and savings they’ll achieve by adding a photovoltaic system to their property.

While the original FREE plugin is a great tool, the developers haven’t stopped improving it in the Pro version. The Pro Solar Wizard, at just $35 per month, is completely customizable with features being added regularly while the plugin matures. Meaning it works for all states — even most countries! It allows the solar dealer to upload their logo, decide on the colors, enter all of their service areas in multiple states, set the utility rate, and the price they want to sell at high/low for cash, loan or solar lease purchases and show the available incentives. Solar dealers can specify what size panels they offer, and have the option to add battery storage, EV calculations, UTM tracking, currency exchanges, web hooks, and customizable email templates. It can show the user the environmental impact of going solar — and in multiple languages.

Wizard Pro didn’t stop there! The latest optional feature allows solar dealers to specify to whom and in what way they will meet with potential customers. In other words, they can set zip codes that they will meet with in person, virtually or by phone. If they happen to get a lead through the Solar Wizard that is outside of their service area, they can alert the inquirer that they are unable to assist them and optionally, offer to help them find a solar dealer in their area.

“We are more than pleased at the success of the Wizard plugin,” stated Anna Covert, Principal of Trusted Solar Calculator. “We are helping dealers, literally worldwide, to convert more leads to sales.”

……………………………………………..…………………RECENT REVIEWS…………………………..………………………………………
Great Product, Must Have For Solar Business
Great Product, and Great Company! This plugin is a must have for solar business, and the Solar Wizard Team has been a great help to our company.

Loved It!
Solar Wizard Plugin is a great tool for anyone looking to create a solar website.
It’s easy to use and provides a lot of features that are essential for a solar website. We used it on a website for one of our clients and it worked great!

The Best!
Ever since we started using Solar Wizard on our sites. The conversion rate has gone way up.

The brainchild of a team of developers who had been designing and maintaining websites and marketing for solar companies throughout the U.S., Trusted Solar Calculator was meant to help solar get more qualified leads. By allowing potential buyers to ‘test-drive’ solar, its costs and estimated savings, solar dealers could interact with customers who felt equipped to make a purchase. They already had an idea of the pricing and even the payments they would make — plus when they would reach a time of having electricity from the sun at no cost. They would have an estimate of what adding storage to protect them from outages and time or use charges as well as what they would need to cover the costs to add EV charging to the mix.

In under two years there have been more than 1,000 downloads of the free plugin. The success stories of the Pro version abound with 200 subscribers of the plugin in XX countries finding value in it leading to conversions every day! To learn more, go to:

Patricia Monick
Covert Communication
+ +1 808-256-6759
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Solar Wizard Plugin Updates 090423