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Trailblazing the Road Ahead: KPI Construction Services Automated Cone Truck is being trialed on the North East Link

KPI Construction Services New Automated Cone Truck

KPI Construction Services New Automated Cone Truck

KPI Construction Services Logo

KPI Construction Services Logo

When it comes to pushing boundaries in construction and infrastructure, the land Down Under consistently sets the benchmark.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, October 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — This time, all eyes are on the North East Link project, where KPI Construction Services are unveiling Australia’s first Commercially available Automated Cone Truck —a marvel of modern engineering, courtesy of Arrowes Roading Safety.

**Safety Beyond Standards** Safety isn’t just a checkbox for KPI Construction Services—it’s a core philosophy. The introduction of the Automated Cone Truck ensures the highest standards of safety are maintained throughout the project. With workers traditionally exposed to potential hazards on the road, this cutting-edge solution places and retrieves cones with impeccable precision, negating the risks associated with manual handling amidst high-speed live traffic.

**In the Limelight of Innovation** Innovation is a continual path, marked by standout achievements. The Automated Cone Truck, in its pilot phase, was honoured with the **Victorian Major Transport Infrastructure Authority’s Award for Innovation** in 2022. Building upon this triumph, Arrowes Roading Safety & KPI Constructions now unveils the refined and first-ever commercially available Automated Cone Truck. This accolade doesn’t just celebrate the original’s pioneering features; the enhanced commercial version promises to be a lifesaver on the roads.

**Redefining Roadworks** The North East Link isn’t just another project; it’s a transformative venture reshaping the very contours of Victoria’s transportation landscape. The deployment of Australia’s first Commercial Automated Cone Truck adds another layer to this transformative tale. It speaks of a future where excellence in safety and innovation don’t just coexist but thrive symbiotically.

**Forward, Together** As KPI Construction Services propels forward, integrating modern marvels like the Automated Cone Truck, it reaffirms its commitment to pioneering solutions. With partners like Arrowes Roading Safety, the promise isn’t just to build but to innovate, inspire, and above all, ensure safety. —

*Join this journey with KPI Construction Services, where tomorrow’s roads are being shaped today—with safety and innovation leading the way.* www.kpiconstruction.com.au

Wayne Wright
KPI Construction Services
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Australia’s First Commercially Available Automated Cone Truck