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Startup to Launch Innovative Exchange Solution at Blockchain Life Dubai 2023, Shaping Future of Timeshare Industry

Elevating Timeshare Industry: ExtractoDAO’s Innovative Solution Redefines the Future.

Amidst the sands of change, ExtractoDAO emerges to reshape the timeshare landscape and illuminate a new era of possibilities.”

— CEO – Joel Almeida

PETERBOROUGH, HAMPTON VALE, UK, August 27, 2023/ — The inaugural startup of the Huawei Startup Program will launch its Dex platform at Blockchain Life Dubai 2023, revolutionizing the timeshare and physical products industry..

ExtractoDAO, in partnership with Huawei and Microsoft, presents an innovation that could revolutionize expensive tourist destinations like Dubai. Serving as a trading exchange for timeshare packages, ExtractoDAO enables buyers to seamlessly sell, rent, and trade their vacation ownership at their convenience.

This opens opportunities for more people to experience premium locations and helps drive tourism. The innovation goes even further, aligning with timeshare laws that permit owners to exchange their holdings for vacations in diverse destinations.
The platform enhances the exposure of worldwide timeshare resorts, acting as the primary marketplace for trading timeshare contracts with immediate settlements in USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI.Timeshare, which allows individuals and families to share vacation home ownership, will become even more appealing with the presence of ExtractoDAO.

“The DEX is a transformative platform that not only addresses transparency concerns but also reshapes property transactions. Utilizing smart contracts, ownership transfers occur instantly between buyers without intermediaries. Upon transfer, the new buyer’s name is seamlessly integrated into the smart contract, assuming full ownership and responsibilities for the duration specified in the contract. This streamlined process ensures immediate payment to the seller’s wallet, eliminating intermediaries and enhancing the efficiency of timeshare transactions.” Explains Joel Almeida.

By implementing smart contracts, the platform ensures that fees and payments are conducted with absolute transparency and accuracy, eradicating doubts and hidden costs. Moreover, the comprehensive legal framework ensures that the buyer’s interests are fully protected. A groundbreaking facet of this innovation lies in the flexible nature of timeshare ownership. Through the utilization of the Drawer platform, timeshare holders can easily rent out their Timeshares when unoccupied, generating additional revenue streams. When desired, holders can put their timeshares up for sale on the DEX, much like any other tradable asset, enabling free trading driven by market dynamics. This transformative approach liberates timeshare owners from perpetual obligations and positions timeshare as a dynamic financial investment within the real estate sector. ExtractoDAO’s visionary model thus redefines property ownership, fostering accessibility, flexibility, and financial growth.” Explains Almeida.

“When a buyer purchases a timeshare from a resort construction company, the funds are directed straight into the construction company’s wallet. On the other hand, when an individual timeshare owner wishes to sell, they can list their timeshare for sale on the DEX. Upon a successful sale, the funds are promptly transferred to their wallet. This clear and direct process guarantees transparency and security, offering an effortless user experience within the ExtractoDAO ecosystem

“It’s worth noting that ExtractoDAO operates without custody, exemplifying the platform’s commitment to transparency, autonomy, and adherence to regulatory standards. Those who list contracts receive the funds, incurring only a minimal transaction fee for each automatically executed smart contract. This highlights ExtractoDAO’s potential for organic revenue generation and showcases its ability to incubate and nurture proprietary projects in timeshare and agriculture, rather than relying solely on fees. With plans underway to launch the world’s largest timeshare, ExtractoDAO’s trajectory underscores innovation and transformative growth,” emphasizes Antonio Rodrigues, CFO.

Importantly, ExtractoDAO, as a DEX, operates in a way that is familiar to users, ensuring that the platform does not have access to customers’ funds, wallet data, or private keys. This approach further enhances security and trust.” Emphasizes Almeida.

“The world of shared vacation properties, known as timeshare, has long faced challenges like hidden costs, low resale value, and inflexibility. ExtractoDAO, in collaboration with Microsoft and Huawei through its smart contract trading platform, DEx, is revolutionizing this sector by offering innovative solutions and creating new opportunities. This revolutionary approach will be unveiled on October 24th and presented as a glimpse into the future of innovation at Blockchain Life Dubai. The timeshare industry faces hurdles including hidden costs, low resale value, lack of investment potential, restrictions on usage, and challenges in selling or terminating agreements.” CEO – Joel Almeida

“Molding the path ahead, ExtractoDAO is poised to revolutionize the timeshare industry, offering holistic solutions to its existing challenges.” Esteves Neto – Senior Developer at ExtractoDAO

The ExtractoDAO Vision: Facilitating Global Sales through Smart Contracts

ExtractoDAO understands the concerns of timeshare buyers and seeks to address the most prevalent issues. By combining smart contract technology with a global vision, ExtractoDAO is simplifying the process of buying and selling timeshares. With the automation and security provided by smart contracts, transactions become more transparent and efficient, eliminating unpleasant surprises.

Drawer: Facilitating Scheduling and Flexibility

Drawer comes into play to ensure timeshare owners can enjoy flexibility and convenience when scheduling their vacations. With the Drawer platform, owners can easily choose dates and destinations, avoiding the frustration of high-demand periods. This directly addresses the lack of flexibility, one of the most recurring problems in the industry.

DEx: The Smart Contract Trading Platform

ExtractoDAO’s DEx, the smart contract trading platform, represents a milestone in the timeshare industry. By enabling timeshares to be globally transferred through smart contracts, DEx offers owners the freedom to efficiently and securely sell or transfer their ownership. This not only enhances the perceived value of the investment but also creates a dynamic and liquid secondary market.

Note: With ExtractoDAO’s innovative approach, the future of property ownership is reimagined. Transparency, flexibility, and financial growth converge as the Drawer platform resolves long-standing issues in timeshare transactions. To learn more about our pioneering efforts, connect with us at Blockchain Life 2023from October 24th to October 25th. Explore the possibilities that lie ahead as we reshape the real estate landscape and pave the way for a new era of accessible, dynamic property investment.

Adrian Kutenski Lenevov
ExtractoDAO LTD
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“The V1 of Drawer and the upcoming V2 with DEX will be launched at Blockchain Life 2023.