Friday, June 21, 2024
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Sarens involved in the construction of a new bridge over the E40 highway at Erpe-Mere

Sarens’ works in Erpe-Mere, Flanders

The construction of the new bridge in Erpe-Mere will bring significant traffic relief by increasing the number of vehicles that can pass over the bridge.

WOLVERTEM , BELGIUM, January 29, 2024 / — Sarens, world leader in heavy lifting, engineered transport and crane rental services, has worked together with Jan de Nul on the construction of the new bridge in Erpe-Mere, carrying out the lifting and placing of six concrete beams required for its construction.

This project is part of the initiative launched by the Agentschap voor Wegen en Verkeer in Flanders, which is repairing or renovating those bridges, tunnels or retaining walls belonging to the road network that have major defects or damage and require urgent intervention.

On this occasion, the work took place on the bridge over the E40 motorway at the Merestraat. At the end of last year, Jan de Nul demolished the old bridge, so it was necessary to build it from scratch to ensure a longer lifespan and less need for maintenance in the coming years. The new bridge will also be able to absorb more vehicle traffic, which will contribute to improved traffic conditions in the area.

To lift the six concrete beams, each 44 metres long and weighing 110 tons, Sarens used an AC700-HA crane unit with a boom lenght of 35.5 metres and a counterweight of 140 tons, as well as an LTM1450-8.1 with a boom lenght of 26.6 metres and a counterweight of 134 tons. Thanks to the strategic choice of this equipment, and the preliminary studies carried out by Jan de Nul and Sarens, it was possible to reduce the time during which the E40 motorway needed to be closed to traffic. Originally planned to be closed from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m., it was possible to reduce the time needed to lay the tracks, reopening traffic at 7 a.m. and avoiding unnecessary inconvenience to drivers in the area.

Sarens, a Belgian company based in Wolvertem, has extensive experience in the dismantling and construction of new bridges in Belgium, thanks to projects such as those carried out in Zaventem and Wetteren. It has also worked on the replacement of the old bridge beams on the Huccorgne viaduct in Wanze, among other important projects for the country.

Salvador Hernández
LeanFactor Global Communication