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September 11, 2018

WZMH Architects selected as first ever architectural practice accepted into Microsoft’s prestigious Internet of Things (IoT) Insider Labs Program


TORONTOSept. 11, 2018 /CNW/ – WZMH Architects, an award-winning international architectural firm based in Toronto, Canada, has been accepted and is now participating in Microsoft’s global Internet of Things (IoT) Insider Labs, a program designed to accelerate businesses that are reshaping their industries by transforming the way people, devices, and data interact. WZMH Architects along with Quasar Consulting Group, Stephenson Engineering and C3PoE have been accepted into this prestigious program thanks to their development of a new building technology, an Intelligent Structural Panel© (ISP), with which they are engaging in a number of ongoing technical workshops at the Microsoft IoT lab headquarters.

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The Intelligent Structural Panel© (ISP) is a smart building solution that provides plug and play infrastructure to allow a wide variety of devices to be connected and wirelessly controlled from any location. By collecting real-time data from localized surroundings, the ISP enables a range of devices – from lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), elevators, motorized shades, smoke alarms, and security systems, etc. – to react and respond to an environment according to changes in movement, touch, sound, sunlight, room temperature, or even personnel flow. The ISP was created with the goal of providing true value add to all stakeholders of a building project by providing them with a prefabricated and modular solution that is: cost effective, reduces a construction schedule and long-term operating costs, sustainable, and allows the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the integration of all Internet of Things connected devices.

“The Intelligent Structural Panel© technology reimagines the traditional approach to the design and build process, taking a critical look at how buildings are built from the inside out. Bringing smart technology directly into the fabric of the structure instead of applying it as an after thought will improve the quality of the building’s performance,” said Zenon Radewych, Principal at WZMH Architects and ISP project lead. “Ultimately, the ISP is a solution geared towards leveraging the connectivity of technology to help make buildings more user friendly, barrier free, accessible, and safe.”

The ISP can be applied to numerous building types across a number of different sectors, including: office, retail, residential, institutional, mission critical, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, transportation, etc.

WZMH Architects is committed to the pursuit of design excellence delivered with exceptional technical competency. Based in Toronto, we have been providing innovative and effective solutions for our clients for over five decades on a broad range of projects both in Canada and overseas. Fresh approaches to problem solving are encouraged and rewarded in our design studio. This philosophy has motivated us to constantly adapt, evolve, and reinvent ourselves to produce architecture that is contemporary, relevant, and meaningful. Our aim is to create timeless places that harness the full potential of their site and benefit the people who will use and experience them.

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