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February 5, 2018

World’s largest offshore wind farm starts construction of the coast of UK

The world’s soon to be (2020) largest offshore wind farm has begun construction. The project, being developed by the largest offshore wind power developer – Ørsted – is located 74.5 miles off the coast of Yorkshire, UK.

The wind farm is named Hornsea Project One. Hornsea Project Two will follow a few years later, and Hornsea Project Three is in early planning stages.

The 1.2GW project will be constructed of 174 7.0MW turbines. The turbine model being installed – SWT-7.0-154 (PDF) – is manufactured by Siemens. The site will generate 4.1TWh of electricity per year.

According to Ørsted, an 8MW turbine – the MH1 by Vestas – generates enough electricity in one revolution of the turbine blades to power a house for 29 hours. Production isn’t necessarily proportional with turbine size, but if it just happened to be – these 7MW units will generate 25 hours of electricity with a single rotation.

The individual blades are 75 meters long and the total area covered when the blades spin is, 18,600m2 (4.6 acres).

The project is being built by two ships. The first is what was (and might still be) ‘the most powerful heavy-life jack up vessel.’ The ship – Innovation – has a load capacity of 8,000 tons and can install in waters up to a 65 meter depth.

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