Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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February 13, 2020

Wearable tech has implications for construction safety, productivity

Construction sites aren’t what they used to be. Walk by any building under construction today and you could see everything from virtual reality goggles on workers to drones whizzing in the air. However, one of the most notable new technologies is a little more subtle. An increasing number of construction companies have outfitted their workers and personal protective equipment with wearable devices that can obtain and deliver important safety, environmental, motion, location and biometric data.

While some say the construction industry is notoriously slow to adopt leading- and bleeding-edge technologies, data suggest there’s a robust market for these devices. The wearable tech industry is projected to reach $54 billion by 2023, according to GlobalData. To learn more about this emerging technology and where it stands, we spoke with Triax Technologies CEO Robert Costantini. Triax produces the Spot-r system of wearable and sensor devices that, according to the company, allow site supervisors and offsite managers to assess safety and location activity across an entire project portfolio in real time.

Why does it make sense for construction sites to be connected?

Costantani: More job sites are becoming connected for a variety of reasons. One of them is to manage their construction timelines, schedules and workflows. These things are starting to really morph into the electronic world. Most of the large sites are using electronics or digitization of their basic tools to get the job completed. There are these ancillary technologies like ours which have just focused on workers and using a wearable clip and now integrating into these components.

The amount of technology now that is coming to the job site from a variety of players is giving contractors real insights into successful projects. They can now understand how this data can be used on new projects and be able to be more efficient with things like equipment utilization, how they manage access on and off the site, and scheduling.

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