Monday, August 19, 2019

Vaughan homeowners seek consultations with developers of golf course construction project

They know major development is coming on a famous old Woodbridge golf course, but two homeowners who live near it are hoping to have a role in shaping it.

Tony Lorini and Mark Pulciani, president and communications director respectively of the Greater Woodbridge Ratepayers Association, would like to sit down with developer RGF Real Estate, which purchased 290 acres of the Country Club Golf Course in Woodbridge in May.

RGF said in a release that Clubhouse Developments Inc. plans to create a residential enclave with a blend of family homes and a significant amount of green space accessible to the community. It hopes to develop about a third of the land.

Lorini said he and his group hope to not only meet with the developer, but also with the City of Vaughan, the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, among others.

“We’re trying to be partners with the developers. We don’t want to be adversarial. We want to take residents’ concerns to the table and then everyone comes away happy. We’re not organized to stop development, because development brings money to the community,” he said.

For Pulciani, a longtime resident near the golf course, it’s important the design of the new community “be appropriate.”

“If you’re going to build in a mature community, make sure as a developer you take into consideration we’ve been here a long time, that these homes have a certain value,” he said.

Lorini and Pulciani, who are canvassing area residents for their opinions, say they have a wish list for the development: the need to have infrastructure redesigned to absorb additional capacity before anything new goes in; the need to make sure residents can work with the developer to establish transitioning with existing development; the need for a buffer between development and current residences; and adequate green space within the proposed development.

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