Monday, November 29, 2021
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November 25, 2021

Tips on Improving Construction Vendor Management

We’ve all been there. Instructions were clearly spelled out, reminders were sent several times, yet the vendor is still late in delivering their goods. Whether it’s rebar, windows, electrical transformers, or simply paper, not having the material delivered to a project on time can cause serious delays and, in some cases, bring the project to a complete standstill.

This is why managing vendors is such an important part of a contractor’s operations. When managing a variety of different vendors, it’s essential to collect and track the right information so that your organization can determine if things are working effectively or if you need to consider a replacement.

Having a project stall because of a vendor is usually avoidable and can be a sign of poor vendor management. By following the tips below you can increase your chances and start making smarter decisions, especially when it comes to who you decide to write the purchase orders to.

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1. Deploy a Vendor Onboarding Process

Every time a new vendor begins working with your company, it is crucial that you let them know what your expectations are. Simply thinking they should know already, or that it is common knowledge, won’t get you anywhere and is often the leading cause of you slipping down their priority list.

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