Monday, December 09, 2019

This Manitoba couple built their own western town

As reported on CTV News, a couple from Garson, Man., built a different kind of centrepiece for their wild-west wedding: a full sized replica western town.

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Dirk and Fiona Slikker, who built the town for their nuptials five years ago, told CTV News visitors to their property tend to be surprised when they pull in.

“It’s a full-fledged saloon, candy store, blacksmith shop, coal mine, and a jail,” explained Dirk.

“It was a lot of work, because they’re all filled with antiques,” he said, adding that he went to a lot of auctions.

Fiona said the town can be a refuge from an increasingly digital society.

“I think nowadays everyone is into technology, but to give them a little different feel on something older, something they are not familiar with, and to see how incredibly happy they are running around, picking up different things, that’s actually really exciting for us,” she said.

Dirk said kids especially enjoy exploring.

“It just gives them a taste of what it was back then, I take them for rides in the coal mine, they hear the track, they just like that stuff and it makes me feel good,” he said.

“They don’t make stuff like they did back then. It’s got character.”

Watch the news video for this story on CTV News


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