Saturday, December 3, 2022
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SBC - Aug 3
August 3, 2022

There’s Still Time To Register For The Better Buildings Boot Camp

Back by popular demand, Sustainable Buildings Canada’s Better Buildings Boot Camp (#BBBC) is taking place August 22-26th from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. This free virtual program is an excellent opportunity for diploma and graduate students from Ontario colleges and universities to work collaboratively through the integrated design and delivery process to develop more sustainable buildings.

This year’s program will focus on the St Lawrence Centre for the Arts. Students will be pushed to think beyond lowering the carbon footprint of the building. They’ll need to consider the broader cultural significance of developing an art complex that celebrates human performance and role the building plays in bringing the community together.

Due to the unique nature of the project this year, we are looking for participation of graduate, certificate and diploma students from traditional building fields such as architecture, engineering, and construction as well as those in the arts, social sciences and humanities. All fields of study are welcome!

To learn more and apply for the program visit the Boot Camp website

FAQs about the Boot Camp:

Who can attend?

The Boot Camp is open to graduate, certificate or diploma students from Canadian universities and colleges. We encourage students from any and all disciplines to apply! Click the Sign Up button to register.

What does it cost?

The BBBC is provided FREE by Sustainable Buildings Canada.

Why was the BBBC created?

The BBBC was created by Sustainable Buildings Canada in 2019 to fill gaps we identified as existing barriers to implementation of best practice for designing, building, and operating better buildings:

1) a paucity of opportunities for cross-institutional academic collaboration. To overcome this barrier, our academic advisory committee that helped to create, and continues to advise us, includes academics from Carleton University, George Brown College, Seneca College, University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University and York University, 

2) a lack of multi-disciplinary collaboration amongst students from different fields of study and different institutions. In our case, the program is open to and has been attended so far by students from 10 colleges and universities across Canada, from traditional building fields such as architecture, building science, engineering as well as non-building fields of study including strategic innovation and foresight, environmental science, anthropology and forestry, etc; and 

3) a void between academic research and innovation and professional practice. Our program was also developed with input from SBC’s broad base of subject matter experts in sustainable building. A variety of academics and professionals participate in the camp.

What will the presentations cover? 

Presentations will cover a broad range of building-related topics including building science, indoor environmental quality, energy generation, lighting design, heating/cooling/ventilation systems, sustainable design, windows and daylighting, energy modeling, community & placemaking, and more. 

Who are the presenters?

Presenters at the Better Buildings Boot Camp are subject matter experts from various disciplines within the building sector. Speaker bio’s can be found under the Speakers section of this website.

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