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Kee Safety hierarchy of fall protection
May 25, 2022

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection Solutions

A truly comprehensive rooftop solution follows the Hierarchy of Fall Protection, the gold-standard of safety procedures.

by Kee Safety Ltd

CEOs are on the top of organizational hierarchies, but it’s rare to find them on a rooftop. Instead, that’s where your maintenance workers service HVAC and other equipment. That’s where third-party contractors may come in for new construction, erect signage, or replace old equipment. And you never know, a government safety inspector might be on your roof.

To protect those who work at heights, the CEO and others in an organization need to embrace a sound, strategic approach to risk mitigation known as the Hierarchy of Fall Protection. There are four tiers in this hierarchy used to evaluate and protect people from hazards.

1. Eliminate Hazards

The best solution is to is eliminate the danger and any possibility of a fall. That is easy to say. If there is no cause for anyone to be on the roof, and there is no access to the roof, then “done.”

In real life, though, removing the hazard is often impossible or costly and impractical—like renting a cherry picker to have someone change an air filter. If people must access the roof, then there needs to be one or more forms of fall protection.

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