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July 17, 2019

The future of AI in the construction industry

As blogged on, according to McKinsey, the construction industry is under-digitized, with companies failing to realise the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a driver of growth and efficiency.

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Implementing AI means significant investment for construction companies, but the rewards can far outweigh the initial outlay.

Actavo Direct’s James Hepton explores the next steps for AI in an industry generally slower to adopt new technologies.

Another dimension to AI

Construction designs have traditionally been created using pen and paper, painstakingly focusing on every detail and angle.

The emergence of 3D planning revolutionized construction design and now, building information modelling (BIM) has again transformed the process further.

BIM allows everyone involved in a construction project to access all ongoing project information on one design platform. Available materials include a 3D walkable design plus all planning and financial information.

Thanks to AI, even complex plumbing, mechanical and electrical work can be theorized within 3D modelling design, meaning logistical challenges can be worked through while planning, saving time and costs in the building stages.

The BIM industry is believed to be worth over $10 billion now. While it may mark an initial investment for construction companies, the rewards speak for themselves in time, financial savings and subsequently allowing businesses to undertake more projects.

Plus, with pressure on modern businesses to align with environmental standards, improving the planning stage could mean construction companies waste fewer materials when it comes to building and reap the benefits of increased reputation management.

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