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June 14, 2018

Technical error delays post-flood damage inspections for dozens of New Brunswick flood claimants

Officials from New Brunswick’s Emergency Measures Organization have confirmed dozens of claimants who registered for Financial Disaster Assistance after this spring’s historic flooding did not get an inspection because of an error.

Following reports from Maugerville residents to Global News that they waited almost a month for an inspection to be completed on their homes, Department of Justice and Public Safety spokesperson Geoffrey Downey confirmed that 120 people who registered for assistance on May 11 were not transferred to a list that would allow them to move forward with the inspection.

He said the error only affected people who registered on May 11.

“All claimants were contacted and of these 120, 91 properties were completed by Monday, June 11. The remainder are being scheduled if the claimants request an inspection,” Downey said.

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Maugerville resident Bonny Harvey told Global News on Saturday she registered on May 11. When she hadn’t been contacted by an inspector for a while, she called the province on June 2. They told her they could tell she had registered, but she was never moved to the inspection list.

Harvey said she never received a call telling her there had been an error.

Harvey also expressed concerns over deadlines on when flood relief paperwork had to be filed.

In Downey’s response Tuesday evening, he said there is “no deadline for submitting DFA application forms.”

“The public will be advised at least two weeks before any deadline,” Downey said,

Downey said as of Tuesday, 2,781 people have registered damages and 2,078 inspections have been completed.

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