Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sustainable Buildings Canada – February Newsletter

Save the Date: Green Building Festival returns October 8th

Building science is not rocket science, it just seems that way!

Efficiency targets, resilience, survivability, envelope performance, carbon footprints and design charrettes were largely absent 20 years ago. But the building industry has more challenges to meet than ever before. According to the IPCC, we have 12 years to cut carbon emissions almost in half. 

Simultaneously we need to design for the extremes of a changed climate and build in a way to reverse those changes. Do we need to throw ever more complex technology into buildings to meet the challenge? Sometimes very sophisticated green buildings perform poorly while some simple structures perform exceptionally well.

The 2019 Green Building Festival will look at both simple and complex strategies, techniques and technologies to inspire the building community in reaching the goal of zero carbon. 

Save the date: plan to join hundreds of green building practitioners on October 8th to learn more and earn valuable continuing education credits. Speakers and registration to be announced shortly!

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