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June 12, 2018

Stakeholder feedback sought on Accessibility Policy Paper

The Canadian Commission on Building and Fires Codes (CCBFC) is in the process of finalizing a policy paper on accessibility. This paper identifies and examines policy issues related to the access to and use of buildings by people of all ages and abilities. It comes in response to a request from the provinces and territories for input and direction in this area. The goal is to provide clarity to an increasingly fragmented policy area and a possible path forward for provinces, territories and municipalities. More specifically, the CCBFC hopes to bring clarity to the continuum of features that encompass accessibility and set the future direction of accessibility requirements in building codes.

Next steps: Stakeholder input
Until now, stakeholder feedback has been limited to stakeholders who work within the framework of the code development system. The CCBFC would like to extend the breadth of stakeholder input to get more feedback on the paper and identify pertinent issues or areas that might be missing or misrepresented.

Codes Canada expects that the paper should be ready for external review by mid-June 2018. Please contact Anne Gribbon, CCBFC secretary, if you represent an organization that is involved in accessibility issues (e.g. health, built environment, human rights, etc.) and are interested in reviewing the paper.

Anne Gribbon
Telephone: 613-993-5569


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