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February 28, 2018

Spire Landing redefines rental experience for Vancouverites with a 90% reduction in energy bills

VANCOUVERFeb. 27, 2018 /CNW/ – Located in the up-and-coming South Side neighbourhood of Vancouver at Fraser Street and East 57th Avenue, Spire Landing will be Canada’s largest multi-unit Passive House development. These exclusive apartments are part of the City’s Rental 100 program, which allows Spire Development to bring the premiere product to the market at below market rental rates.

Spire is proud to support Vancouver’s initiative to become the world’s greenest city by 2020, while boosting the supply of affordable rental housing.

“The Passive House concept originated in Europe, and we are extremely excited to bring this technology to Vancouver,” says Lawrence Green, co-founder of Spire Development, “The concept came to be by exploring the construction of old European castles, which have very thick stone walls. In the summer, the interior is quite cool compared to the outside temperature. While in the winter, the interior is pleasantly warm, as heat is retained by the thick exterior walls.”

Vancouver’s longstanding boutique architecture firm, Cornerstone Architecture, is behind the ingenious design at Fraser Street and East 57th Avenue. The completed building will offer stunning views of the North Shore, Vancouver Airport Lands (YVR), Richmond, and beyond. Passive House construction includes rigorous design guidelines, including sophisticated heat recovery ventilation systems, which allow for cleaner interior air quality than existing buildings and new construction.

Pete Rackow, co-founder of Spire Development, adds, “The cost of Passive House construction is more expensive than constructing a traditional building; however, the final product is much superior in terms of air quality, noise reduction, and carbon footprint. With the City’s support, we now have the perfect opportunity to revolutionize the rental experience for Vancouverites, especially given our current housing crunch.”

Renters can expect constant thermal comfort without temperature swings and cold drafts, as the airtight building envelope, triple-glazed windows, and Passive House-certified doors work synergistically to prevent heat loss.  The super-insulated design virtually eliminates the potential for mould, creating peace-of-mind for occupants. In addition, thanks to the thicker walls, street noise is kept to a minimum, leading to above-and-beyond living standards.

“As a real estate developer with over 10 years of experience in the industrial/commercial sectors, we intend to carry forward the strength and durability of our portfolio into the residential division.” Lawrence Green articulates.


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