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March 7, 2019

How to solve your shielding challenges with sheet lead product options



Over 70 Tons of Sheet Lead in Stock and Ready to Ship!
From 1/32 inch to 1/4 inch and Various Roll Lengths from 8ft. to 10ft.

Sheet lead for Radiation Protection in laboratories, clinics, dental and medical application can be a challenge. Many contractors and architects face challenges due to space criteria and the weight of the shielding requirements. We provide sheet lead in 12 different sizes and thicknesses from 1/32nd to 1/4″ for all shielding requirements. In addition, any size sheet lead up to 1/8″ can be supplied pre-attached, adhesive bonded to Drywall (sheetrock), Fire Rated Plywood and other supporting materials to assist in the ease of installation.

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Pre-Applied Sheet Lead on Drywall & Plywood
Ready to Install!!

MarShield’s drywall is laminated with sheet lead that is designed to cover necessary surfaces or walls in a room requiring radiation shielding. It is affixed to surfaces or walls ensuring a continuous layer of sheet lead under the drywall to a specified height. It is used in new construction or shielding upgrades/renovations for P.E.T and other types of diagnostic imaging rooms.

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Sheet Lead Installation Guidelines

MarsMetal recommends the use of Sheet Lead that is factory bonded to drywall/gypsum board, lath, or plywood for wall covering. This allows the lead to remain rigid and flat during the installation and insures a continuous meeting edge if installed correctly. Where Sheet Lead must be used on its own then the following guidelines may be used.

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