Monday, July 22, 2019

Safety awareness barbeque held in Lethbridge

lethbridge safety

A local homebuilders’ group was serving up a barbecue lunch with a healthy side of workplace safety information.

The Canadian Home Builders Association Lethbridge Region, Lethbridge Construction Association and Lethbridge Regional Safety Committee held their third annual safety awareness barbecue on Thursday.

In addition to a free lunch, representatives from Atco Gas, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Lethbridge Fire Department, Park Enterprises Inspection Services, Fortis Alberta, Occupational Health and Safety and Gateway Safety Services were in attendance with demonstrations and tips ensuring safe work practices.

Troy Hicks from the City of Lethbridge Fire Prevention office was on hand to speak about fire safety on construction sites and in vehicles. He was also providing hands-on training on proper fire extinguisher use as well as advice on fire extinguisher maintenance

Hicks said the biggest issue the fire department sees is a lack of awareness when it comes to fire extinguisher safety and usage.

“People go out and they try to be productive, and they have fire extinguishers on their worksite and in their vehicles, and once they put them in there, they leave them in there,” he said. “They’re not paying attention to make sure it’s maintained and not damaged.”

Hicks said it is important for people to ensure their extinguishers are serviced yearly.

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