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May 9, 2018

Safe & sound shipping thanks to Brigade’s broadband alarms

Brigade Electronics Canada recently kitted out Montréal container terminal operator Termont’s entire vehicle fleet with 97 of its white noise BBS-Tek broadband sound backup alarms; as part of a noise abatement exercise; which resulted in optimized safety.

Termont has been operating the port’s Maisonneuve Terminal for over 25 years. It’s in constant operation – providing cargo and container handling services for both import and exports. However, following recent complaints from neighboring residents, Termont conducted a noise study; finding that some of their vehicles’ warning alarms were the root of the problem. In order to reduce their noise footprint it was clear they needed to find a new technology.

After researching potential solutions, Termont decided to undertake a trial using Brigade’s BBS-Tek alarms. As part of this trial, the Termont team conducted a secondary study to judge the efficacy of the alarms and confirmed that the alarms were effective in both reducing noise complaints and keeping their employees safe.

Jonathan Paris, EHS Director, Termont, said “On a typical day, there’s an abundance of noise coming from a lot of different vehicles. Some of it is unavoidable, but warning alarm sound carries across a broad area. That’s why we decided to opt for white noise alarms. Broadband sound is directional, so only those in the most immediate vicinity of a vehicle are alerted to danger; which is exactly what we needed.”

Using a mixture of 107dB alarms for their transtainers and adjustable 87-107 dB alarms for the rest of the fleet, BBS-Tek alarms are compatible with a huge variety of vehicles; and are now installed right across Termont’s fleet of cars, pickups, stackers, and yard tractors.

Henry Morgan, Director & CEO, Brigade Canada said, “Noise pollution itself is a health and safety issue. Not just from an overall environmental standpoint, but in terms of risk reduction. Being able to distinguish between a nearby vehicle and one that’s approaching that poses a riskis paramount, and narrowband tonal beepers only adds to confusion on a busy jobsite.

“Termont has a clear commitment to both its employees and its local community, and I applaud their initiative for finding a solution that benefits all.”

To find out more about BBS-Tek backup alarms or any of Brigade’s products, visit:


About Brigade

Brigade Electronics (Canada) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brigade Electronics plc, the market leader in backing safety systems. Established in 1976, it is the only company in the world to provide a complete range of backing safety systems. The range includes BACKALARM® reversing alarms, BACKEYE® rear-view and all round visibility CCTV, BACKSENSE® and BACKSCAN® rear detection systems



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