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RentMoola Payment Solutions
November 27, 2020

RentMoola to showcase innovative solutions to property managers at Buildings Week Expo

Renter’s behaviors are constantly changing and the global pandemic has sped up the digital transformation of the rental industry. Not only do landlords and property managers have to match these behaviors, but also enhance their tenants’ experiences. 

One of the most pressing issues came up in a recent survey conducted with landlords. A majority of respondents reported that rent collections are down compared to the prior quarter, and, more concerning, 1 in 4 landlords have already borrowed funds to cover operating costs.

When a renter spends more than half of their income on housing costs, they are considered severely cost burdened. Right now 53% of Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck and the rise in unemployment due to COVID-19 has deepened the financial strain.

As landlords look for ways to mitigate risk while supporting their tenants, RentMoola has launched a more robust platform, called LetUs powered by RentMoola. This platform provides solutions like flexible payments, tenant insurance tracker, customer and landlord line of credit, among others, that will help both sides weather the effects of the pandemic and set themselves up for future success.

This year, RentMoola is sharing it’s innovative new platform in Canada’s largest exposition, networking & educational event for the real estate industry, The Buildings Week. The interactive expo provides access to educational webinars and videos; expert podcasts and interviews, latest news and market trends; upcoming virtual and live events; and innovative products and services.

Join us for our live product demonstration on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. In this demo, where you can be among the first to see how our brand new platform LetUs is helping empower Property Managers and Renters alike. LetUs provides solutions to help PMs protect revenue streams, whilst providing industry first solutions to tenants including:   

  • Tenant insurance tracker and marketplace 
  • Smart communications and community portal
  • 360° flexible payment options 
  • Interest-free customer credit 
  • Landlord working capital
  • Security deposit alternatives 
  • And more

Join our demonstration to learn how we can help PMs manage the entire renters lifecycle in one platform that mitigates risks, helps identify ideal tenants, and provides a wide range of financial solutions to tenants.


RentMoola is North America’s leading online rent payment platform. We make collecting rent and property-related fees simple and efficient. Property Managers can go paperless and give tenants the flexibility of choosing their preferred payment method, while remaining in control with our intuitive management dashboards.

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