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April 2, 2019

Renowned architect set to work on massive redevelopment project in Mississauga



As reported on, while the entire province of Ontario is likely to see more development over the coming years, Mississauga has been a hotspot for exciting new developments, welcoming an LRT (which is proceeding with some alterations, but still proceeding) and moving forward on huge placemaking projects that will change its Port Credit and Lakeview neighbourhoods forever.

Recently, Lakeview Community Partners (LCP) announced the selection of globally-renowned, Boston-based design firm Sasaki as lead master plan architect for the development of Lakeview Village in Mississauga.

LCP says Sasaki was chosen to help refine and improve the initial master plan, concluding an international search that included interest from more than 30 local and global firms.

“We’re excited to have Sasaki join the Lakeview team,” said Fabio Mazzocco, president, Lakeview Community Partners Limited.

“We have a unique opportunity to transform Mississauga’s waterfront, and Sasaki’s international experience will help us to not only create a destination in the Greater Toronto Area, but a model for future mixed-use waterfront development around the world.”

So, what is this project, exactly?

Over the past couple of years, the city–and late city councillor Jim Tovey–has made significant progress on the massive and ambitious Inspiration Lakeview redevelopment project involving the substantial Lakeview Generating Station lands.

In fact, the massive 177-acre site which will transform Mississauga’s waterfront was recently sold for roughly $275 million.

For those who are unaware, the Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan calls for the aforementioned 177-acre brownfield site to transform to a mixed-use community with a variety of residential building types, parkland, cultural and employment uses, with buildings featuring environmentally sustainable designs.

The soon-to-be-developed Lakeview Village will be interesting in the sense that will essentially go from being an abandoned coal-fired power plant to a “vibrant, sustainable and more connected community.”

According to (LCP), Lakeview Village will offer a mix of residential units alongside a number of institutional, cultural, over 825,000 of employment space and over 100,000 square feet of retail space.

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