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March 6, 2019

Remove The Fume | Powered by Plymovent: Welding fumes classified as carcinogenic to humans

When metals are heated above the melting point, they condense and vaporize into welding fumes. Welding fumes are unhealthy and dangerous. Capturing the fume before it enters the breathing zone is a way to give protection to welders and other employees working in the environment. The use of fume extraction equipment and personal protection equipment help to minimize the health risks that are involved with welding.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a special division of the World Health Organization, evaluated the carcinogenicity of welding fumes, molybdenum trioxide and indium tin oxide. In 1989 scientists classified welding fumes as being ‘possibly carcinogenic’, but the group of scientists that met at the IARC last year concluded that there is ‘sufficient evidence’ that welding fumes cause lung cancer and there is ‘limited evidence’ for kidney cancer. 



Know your fume facts. Read our news release to learn more:

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