Thursday, September 19, 2019

Regina-Based Developer Brings First BUILT GREEN® Community to Saskatchewan

Regina-based developer Saskatchewan

The first BUILT GREEN® community in the province of Saskatchewan has been announced. The Autumn Ridge Estates subdivision, just 7 minutes north of Regina, has launched the sale of 42 lots, with the provision that the homes built in the community be certified through Built Green Canada.

In parallel with the release of these lots, the Government of Saskatchewan is scheduled to adopt 9.36 of the building code in the coming months. This will be the first time the code addresses energy efficiency in Saskatchewan, which means all builders will have energy efficient requirements they must meet.

Built Green’s programs are complementary to the incoming code as they include energy efficiency, integrating Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide label, and then go beyond to include the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability.

This holistic approach to sustainable building addresses the growing expectation for climate leadership and takes a step forward in mitigating climate change, benefiting the environment, the builder, and the homeowner: the 2017 Canadian Home Buyer Preference National Study shows that 63 per cent of homeowners say a high performance home is a ‘must have.’

“The convergence of this development with the incoming 9.36 is fortuitous and shows the leadership coming from within the industry putting builders ahead of regulation”, says Jenifer Christenson, chief executive officer of Built Green Canada. “The growth of our programs, in large part, is due to progressive builders who continue to pursue better building technologies and innovations.”

Todd Bodnar of Dakine Home Builders and the developer behind Autumn Ridge Estates, was the first builder in the province to certify their builds through a third-party program that includes energy, as well as materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices. “We believe that environmental leadership encompasses careful collaboration with all our suppliers and sub-trades to ensure each home we build has a low environmental impact. From beginning to end, we look for ways to reduce construction waste and increase a home’s efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Bodnar. “We’re proud to be expanding on this by developing a community of BUILT GREEN® certified homes.”

Builders purchasing lots in Autumn Ridge Estates will receive a $1,000 rebate toward their certification through the developer, while Built Green Canada will waive training fees to the builder and work alongside those building homes in the community to ensure their successful certification.

Autumn Ridge homeowners can look forward to more durable, healthier homes with cost savings that come both with operating an efficient home, as well as automatic rebate eligibility—Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and Genworth Canada offer automatic mortgage insurance rebate eligibility of 15 per cent for BUILT GREEN® certified homes (and up to 25 per cent, depending on the energy efficiency achieved).

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven, national non-profit organization offering programs for residential building, and since its inception, over 28,240 homes have been certified. Including the units in multi-storey projects, the total is over 29,950.


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