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January 5, 2018

QuirkLogic Announces Quilla™ Real-Time Ideation Solution 1.1

CALGARY, AB and LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – January 04, 2018) – QuirkLogic has unveiled an array of new features for Quilla™, the world’s first digital writing solution for real-time ideation. The company is a provider of productivity technology that helps corporate teams spark and grow big ideas. Editors and analysts can sign up for a demo at

“We have significantly improved Quilla’s content management features that ultimately help make meetings more productive,” says QuirkLogic CEO Nashir Samanani. “Quilla now includes a real-time ideation ecosystem that facilitates organizations to easily manage and share collective ideas in the same way they manage trade secrets and other valuable IP assets like strategic plans, financial spreadsheets, engineering designs, client presentations, and so forth. Instead of having these valuable intellectual assets walk out the door as photos of whiteboards on personal mobile devices, with our cloud-based platform all content is securely stored centrally, with user defined access so teams can easily find content and continue where they last left off.”

In fact, a recent IDG Research Services survey illustrated the need for more effective tools to facilitate brainstorming during meetings, as well as capturing, sharing, storing and accessing content afterwards.

Some key content management enhancements include:

  • Users can now import higher quality images and large PDF files – advantageous especially for users in architecture, engineering, construction and design markets;
  • Users can now access from the QuirkLogic portal, a new web portal interface to create new folders and workbooks, also organize, rename, share and manage existing workbooks;
  • Revised permissions that make sharing workbooks with others easier; there are also optimized permission settings.

Lastly, a new authenticator app is being rolled out – this will allow users to conveniently sign in to all Quilla devices using Android or iOS mobile devices.

General availability for Release 1.1 is planned for Q1 2018.

About QuirkLogic, Inc.

QuirkLogic was founded in 2013. The company’s flagship product, Quilla, is the world’s first digital writing device for real-time ideation. QuirkLogic continues to grow its North American reseller network and has made significant inroads in various market segments, including design, architecture, construction, technology, healthcare and education.

For more information, log on to; also follow QuirkLogic on LinkedIn and Twitter.