Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Solair development - Saskatoon
June 22, 2022

Proposed suburb near Saskatoon to provide ‘proof of concept’ for sustainable development

Today, it’s just 238 acres of farmland southeast of Saskatoon. If Arbutus Properties gets its way, that land will one day see 7,200 people living in Solair, “a sustainable suburban neighbourhood unlike any in Canada.”

“Solair offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate for all urban and rural municipalities in Canada, who are also experiencing rapid growth, that there is a different way to develop: to be greener, to minimize the impact of the built form, to de-emphasize the automobile, to provide more pedestrian and bike-oriented living, to deliver localized small scale retail and live/work environments, and to build a community with a strong sense of identity which is in alignment with the natural environment. And to do so within a regional setting and scale,” Arbutus said in a letter to the RM of Corman Park council.

Arbutus, the developer behind The Meadows development in Saskatoon and a proposed grocery store and restaurant at Midtown Plaza, is scheduled to make an in-camera application for development review and approval to the RM council on Monday. The land is adjacent to the CP Rail tracks east of The Meadows in Saskatoon.

The delegation is to include Arbutus President Jeff Drexel, Arbutus director of planning Murray Totland, formerly the city manager of Saskatoon, and consultants Don Atchison and Alan Wallace, Saskatoon’s former mayor and former director of planning and development.

Solair is the answer to urban sprawl, the group said in its letter.

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