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March 2, 2018

Proposed 1,100 foot tall wood building is planned for Tokyo

Skyscrapers made mostly of wood are rising around the world, and now plans have been announced to build what would be the world’s tallest “plyscraper” in Tokyo.

The planned 70-story, 1,148-foot tower will include residential and commercial space and is intended to spotlight environmentally friendly architectural designs and construction technologies, its developer, Sumitomo Forestry Co., announced in a written statement.

Plans for construction of the “W350 building” are underway, though the tower isn’t scheduled for completion until 2041. The total cost is estimated at 600 billion yen ($5.6 billion).

The high-rise would dwarf the University of British Columbia’s 174-foot, 18-story Brock Commons building in Vancouver, Canada, which is currently the world’s tallest wooden building.

Drawings of the new tower — a 90-percent wooden building with vibration-damping steel braces — show a boxy structure whose gridlike façades are studded with balconies and festooned with greenery. The building’s wood-lined atrium will enclose a large pool filled with reeds and lily pads.

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