Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Northumberland County council approves new joint county ambulance & municipal fire station

Roseneath has been a very busy ambulance station contributing to the 21,000 calls received within Northumberland County annually,” states a county report about the need for the new joint county ambulance and municipal fire station to be built there starting next month.

“With the County’s aging demographic and global call volumes increasing 6 to 7% on average per annum, the demand on our resources will continue to increase. In order to address the increasing call volumes in Alnwick/Haldimand, and mitigate the inherent challenges of rural response times, we need to plan for an infrastructure capable of delivering the level of service we expect in Northumberland County,” the report states.

The report outlines the ambulance coverage area for the new joint emergency facility to be served by the Roseneath station as “the village of Roseneath and Alderville First Nation, the south shores of Rice Lake, the northeast portion of Trent Hills, Centreton and the west side of Hamilton Township.

“The station’s proximity to the 401 provides optimal secondary coverage for incidents occurring on the 401 highway as well as giving Alnwick/Haldimand paramedics rapid access across the County,” the report also notes.

At the same time, the current municipal fire station in Roseneath required replacing and more space to serve that area, and to remain being an effective partner in the county mutual aid program.

Last week, both the county and municipality passed motions to award a design/construction tender for the joint facility to TaskForce Engineering Inc. at a cost of $3.3-million.

In an e-mail, county treasurer Glenn Dees explained how the two partners will split the building and on-going operating costs of the project.

“The estimated total cost for the new facility is $3,806,950.00 comprised of construction, site works, land/legal, equipment and design/engineering,” he stated.

“(The) county portion is $1,486,097 (paramedics services) and Alnwick/Haldimand $2,320,853 (fire services).

“(The) construction costs are allocated based on the dedicated square footage specific to each service with common areas shared equally at 50/50. The construction portion of the budget is allocated at 61.2% for Alnwick/Haldimand and 38.8% for Northumberland County based on square footage.

“(The) cost for land/legal fees are shared 50/50. The total cost for land/legal is estimated at $105,000 so $52,500 for each service. The land is already owned by Alnwick/Haldimand so the County will pay for the 50% share of this.”

The county will pay $43,000 according to the township’s treasurer Arryn McNichol, and possibly a further $10,000 of land-related costs.

In addition, architectural and engineering costs, as well as some equipment costs, will be split 50/50, Dees stated.

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