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May 10, 2018

Milton family farm fights Halton school board’s proposal to expropriate land from 200 year-old property

The roughly 200-acre McCann family farm has stood at the corner of Britannia and Thompson roads in Milton for close to 200 years now.

“The farm’s very important to me,” said David McCann, the sixth generation of the family to tend to the farm.

McCann is a beef farmer. He owns about 70 acres of the sprawling farm. The rest is run by his parents.

Historically, the farm’s immediate surroundings have been almost entirely rural. But residential developments on two sides of the farm have started to increase the population and traffic flow in the immediate area.

McCann has already accommodated the area’s expansion by allowing the Town of Milton to expropriate the ends of his fields to widen surrounding roads. But he’s standing his ground against a much larger expropriation proposal from the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB).

The Board wants to take over 17 of the 20 acres of land in the field on the northwest part of his property for a new high school.

McCann said it’s too much and too close to his farm. He said he’s worried about the environmental impacts to his farm, the safety of his animals and the safety of potential students.

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