Saturday, August 17, 2019

Meet the Alberta company building the most extravagant playhouses you’ve ever seen

As reported in The Star, inside a warehouse in Lethbridge, Tyson Leavitt’s latest creation is starting to take shape: part castle, part English townhouse, it includes swings, slides, a zip line strung from a tower, and a working fireplace.

This is no ordinary playhouse, to put it mildly. It’s a 400-square-foot Harry Potter-themed creation that took Leavitt two months to build, and is now ready to be shipped to its new owners in Ottawa.

Leavitt is behind Charmed Playhouses, a company based in Lethbridge, a couple hours of south of Calgary. Having designed playhouses worth as much as $200,000 for the likes of NBA star Steph Curry, actor Ali Landry, and former NHLer Theoren Fleury, the four-year-old company is increasingly on the map for building structures that are beyond most kids’ wildest imagination.

“We’re blazing a new industry that nobody’s really doing. If they want to spend (money) on our playhouse or if they want to go buy a $100,000 boat, it’s really just about what people want to spend their money on,” Leavitt said.

He went out on a limb four year ago when someone asked him to build an extravagant Rapunzel-themed treehouse for their children.

The business was new to Leavitt, who owned a landscape company at the time. But he showed up at his local home and garden show with a treehouse he’d built for his kids, prompting the request from the potential client.

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