Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A look at seismic design of wooden buildings

seismic wood building

With the aim of raising awareness and expanding knowledge about the advantages of wood in the built environment, reThink Wood has created an online library that collects a series of articles, reports, studies and videos that can be freely accessed right now.

Here we have 5 outstanding resources related to seismic design and performance, which can help you solve this issue on your next project.

Wood Meets Seismic Design Requirements (video)

“Seismic loading is a concern in many areas of the world. Research and building code developments have demonstrated that wood structures can meet or exceed even the most demanding seismic design requirements. In this video, experts discuss how the light weight of wood compared to other building materials allows for a reduced horizontal force in seismic events.”[Watch the Full Video]

Seismic Design And Testing Of Rocking Cross Laminated Timber Walls

“Mass timber is an attractive alternative to nonrenewable materials such as concrete and steel. High rise timber buildings have not been built in high seismic areas due to lack of ductile lateral force resisting systems that can have large seismic force reduction factors. Seismically resilient, lateral systems for tall timber buildings can be created by combining cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels with post-tensioned (PT) self-centering technology. The concept features a system of stacked CLT walls where particular stories are equipped to rock against the above and below floor diaphragms through PT connections and are supplemented with mild steel U-shaped flexural plate energy dissipation devices (UFPs).” [Read More]

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