Thursday, September 19, 2019

A look at some of the latest technologies being used in the construction industry

technology in the construction industry

At first glance, a muddy, disorganized and congested construction site might not seem like the best place for flashy, expensive tech like drones, remote-controlled machinery, and AR glasses. But Willy Schlacks, president and co-founder of EquipmentShare, knows for the modern job site, these tools are a match made in heaven.

Schlacks’ company is transforming the estimated $713 billion construction industry with their Internet of Things solution, ES Track. With a solution known as telematics technology, his company aggregates large amounts of equipment data to modernize old and much less efficient processes within the industry. Telematics is the branch of information technology that deals with the long-distance transmission of computerized information. It is just one of many technologies changing the construction industry today.

Here’s a look at some of the technologies Schlacks says are moving the industry forward by helping boost operational efficiency, streamline projects and cut costs:

1) Data Aggregation

Data is the key to effective equipment and project management in the modern construction industry. Powered by telematics, contractors, owners, and fleet managers are able to pull valuable data like run times, oil levels, tire pressure and location, for every piece of equipment. Aggregated over long periods of time and at large volume, this data gives owners and operators greater visibility into the functionality and value of their equipment — allowing them to make smarter decisions when it comes to fleet management and equipment deployment.

“Instead of letting their equipment collect dust in a warehouse corner,” Schlacks says, “contractors can pinpoint dozers, tractors and lifts they should either rent or sell to drive greater ROI.”


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