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February 9, 2018

Kryton Unveils Its Latest Disruptive Technology To The Global Construction Industry

(Vancouver, Canada) – British Columbia’s Kryton International is taking another lead in the exportation of Canadian innovation engineered for the global construction industry. Decades ago, Kryton ushered integral concrete waterproofing admixtures into the construction mainstream and is continuing its innovative mandate. It recently acquired Cementec Industries, a manufacturer of concrete additive solutions for the construction, oil and gas industries.

Kryton is unveiling its latest product, Hard-Cem®, an award-winning integral concrete hardening admixture. This solution is added directly to the concrete mix and is specifically engineered to provide concrete with extraordinary resistance to abrasion and erosion, and increased mechanical-wear durability. This disruptive technology allows Hard-Cem-treated concrete to last up to 6 times longer than untreated concrete. Exporting this Canadian solution ensures buildings and infrastructures around the world will outlast and outperform those built with traditional methods.

Kryton launched Hard-Cem at the recent World of Concrete international convention in Las Vegas, one of the largest concrete-focused trade shows in the world. Global industry experts, researchers and construction suppliers embraced Kryton’s Hard-Cem resulting in global distribution agreements.

“Vancouver has been our headquarters for the past 45 years and we are proud to be bringing this Canadian innovation to the global market,” said Kari Yuers, President & CEO of Kryton. “We have fun in discovering new technology and sharing advancements with our building partners all over the world, so that they too can effectively build structures that last,” she highlighted.

“We are happy to be growing globally and creating more jobs locally as demand for our concrete waterproofing and durability solutions grows,” added Kevin Yuers, Vice-President of Product Development at Kryton.



Kryton International Inc. is the inventor of the crystalline waterproofing admixture and has been waterproofing concrete structures with its proprietary Krystol® technology since 1973. It has won awards for innovation, manufacturing, best place to work and entrepreneurial awards. In 2017, Kryton acquired Cementec Industries and is now distributing Hard-Cem®, an integral (not surface applied) concrete hardener for increased abrasive and erosive wear resistance of ready-mix concrete, precast concrete and shotcrete. Kryton is now the only manufacturer of Silica Fume products in Western Canada. It is an active member of the American Concrete Institute, International Concrete Repair Institute, American Shotcrete Association and many other thought-leading organizations. Kryton exports its products to over 50 countries.

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