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March 6, 2018

How the Internet Of Things is making the construction industry smarter

The construction industry for decades has been known for its lethal combination of hazardous work culture and cutting-edge technology. But it is also an indicator of economic development and is one of the most booming industries across the world. This industry is now on the verge of a major technological overhaul, made possible by the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things in Construction Industry:

Green building. Enhanced security. Energy management. Safe construction! The scope of IoT and its application in the Global construction industry is seamlessly growing and the building ecosystem is witnessing above major reforms. From connected time-clocks, real-time monitoring, geo fencing, predictive analysis, digital forms and Wi-Fi management it is producing smart and connected job sites for the future. Let’s find out how is IoT radically transforming building design and construction.

How IoT enabled construction company works?

Let’s examine the working schedule of a construction supervisor after his company upgrades to IoT.

It’s early Monday morning and a construction supervisor starts the day by getting in the company provided vehicle, which has automatic log-in and connected Time-clocks. This allows the company to track the vehicle along with the supervisor and evaluate the vehicle performance metrics, such as his stoppage timing and mileage for better fuel management. Every vehicle, asset and authorized member of the company is wirelessly connected. As the supervisor reaches office, Geo fencing logs his vehicle arrival on site and informs his crew and other members so they can start reporting him.

The supervisor has permanent access to the location of his employees and heavy equipment. Real time monitoring ensures workers safety and prevents asset loss. Tasks are automated using digital technology and is connected to the back office of the company. Workforce for deliveries, invoicing, inspection and quality control are all optimized to keep the schedule on budget and on time. This streamlines daily record-keeping and admin work.

Predictive analysis warns of issues before they become a bigger problem. It also helps in minimizing downtime by tracking operating hours and analyzing equipment usage, which in turn informs supervisor about maintenance requirement. Now, the supervisor uses managed Wifi to keep workers connected to each other while on-site, to send and receive large data files like large engineering designs, securely and without interference. As the shift ends, a temporary portable security system around the site area will inform any movement around the area to the supervisor.

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