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November 5, 2019

Indoor air quality and improving working conditions for all employers on the shop floor

For over forty years the Plymovent brand has specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of weld fume extraction solutions for clean air at work. Our Remove The Fume brand offers plug and play solutions with ready to use products for weld fume extraction equipment. Recently, we’ve noticed a trend for fabricators becoming more aware of the necessity of having safety equipment and ensuring they have supporting documents when welding onsite for all of the safety equipment being used.

Remove The Fume’s goal is to improve the working conditions of welders and protect their health, which in turn improves the safety of all employees on the shop floor with fume extraction. Whether welding indoors or outdoors, users need weld fume extraction safety equipment to control their weld fume.

During the welding process, fine particulate dust is created which can ground on surfaces in the workshop. Remove The Fume’s equipment also offers fine particulate dust collection. Units are available with disposable and self-cleaning filter units for easy disposal of unwanted airborne particles to ensure the safety of all employees on the shop floor.

Welders are commonly exposed to substances from the base metal, plating or filler that cause metal fume fever. Brazing and soldering can also cause metal poisoning due to exposure to lead, zinc, copper or cadmium. In extreme cases, cadmium (present in some older silver solder alloys) can cause loss of consciousness. Find portable, mobile, and stationary welding fume equipment with affordable pricing on