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April 19, 2018

Homes for Heroes brings housing to homeless veterans in Calgary

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With two regiments and a naval vessel bearing the Calgary name, it should be no surprise the city has a long, storied military history. And a local non-profit is hoping to build on that military tradition by helping house Canadian veterans facing homelessness.

The Homes for Heroes Foundation unveiled plans for its village of affordable tiny homes in Bridgeland on Wednesday, a project aimed at housing the estimated 160 homeless veterans in Calgary.

Built by Calgary-based ATCO in a hanger that was once part of Calgary’s Currie Barracks, the housing community will feature 20 private micro-homes with all the amenities of a larger house, only scaled-down into a tiny package.

David Howard, co-founder and president of Homes for Heroes, said the charity is working with other cities on similar projects and the Calgary village “is one step of many,” which will help house Canada’s more than 2,500 homeless or at-risk veterans.

“We are confident we can end the homeless issue facing our veterans — we can do that within a 10-year period,” Howard said.

The village will provide full-service care for veterans struggling to reintegrate to civilian life, and assist with recovering from physical and mental issues brought on by service in the armed forces.

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