Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hi-tech firm breaks ground for construction of new facility in St. Jacobs

A Waterloo-based provider of imaging hardware and software solutions for digital pathology is looking forward to moving to St. Jacobs now that construction work is well underway on their new facility.

Huron Digital Pathology broke ground earlier this summer on their new 9,700-square-foot head office and manufacturing facility on King Street North in St. Jacobs, planning to make the move early next year.

“We are looking forward to being part of a community that already has deep roots in the Waterloo Region,” said company CEO Patrick Myles. “We are excited because our products are used to help society and help fight disease, it is clean manufacturing. We can’t wait to meet our new neighbours and really be part of the community.”

Woolwich Mayor Sandy Shantz, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony, says she is excited about the new economic influencers in the township.

“They seem very excited to be a part of the community, and to be a part of the community with an emphasis on participating and contributing to it,” she said. “It is another business that is high tech and innovative in the region, and I think it just adds to a variety of industries and businesses here.”

The move came about after shareholders identified the lot in St. Jacobs as a good fit for the company’s aspirations.

“We wanted to have a certain size property. We had looked at a number of existing properties in Waterloo Region and didn’t find anything that we really wanted. Our main shareholders found this wonderful property and thought it would be a good idea to develop it,” he said.

Their current building, a 3,500-sq.-ft. facility on Parkside Drive in Waterloo, wasn’t able to accommodate Huron’s projected growth.

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