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May 29, 2018

Gate at Manchester Airport evacuated after crack appears causing panic for travellers

Passengers were forced to evacuate from a section of Manchester Airport after reports of the building “collapsing”.

Photos shared on Twitter show a crack which appeared beside a metal beam where travellers were boarding a flight to Palma at gate 212 in Terminal Two.

The airport say another crack has appeared in the floor which is causing the issue prompting the fire service to be called in order to evacuate passengers safely from the gate.

Gate 212 is currently housed inside a temporary building while work is taking place at the airport.

Passengers said they heard a loud noise at around 7am causing “everyone to panic”.

Andrea Atherton tweeted a photo of the crack, writing: “Been stood for 20 minutes where the temporary floors sound like they are collapsing. Finally evacuated  outside. Trying to go on my cruise. Not great communication Manchester airport.”

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Another passenger added: “About an hour ago there was a loud noise. Everyone was panicking. It looks like something is wrong with the building, it is collapsing.

“The fire brigade have evacuated the building. They didn’t tell anybody what was going on.

“We are now stood outside on the airfield. The fire brigade made everybody move away from the building.”


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