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July 26, 2019

FREE Whitepaper: Unrivalled expert analysis into the emerging construction opportunities across Canada

It is undeniable that the current state of the Petrochemical industry in Canada is characterised by optimism. From the abundant construction opportunities to the incentives and support offered from government, the future of PetChem in Canada looks bright. Indeed Downstream investment is set to jump 65% in 2019, a sure signal of enormous optimism in the sector.
However, amongst a sea of positivity it can often be hard to know where to focus your efforts and resource to reap the highest rewards.
To this end, we have partnered with leading Petrochemical Industry experts to compile a 50 page White Paper exploring the wealth of opportunities currently available.
Download our 50-Page White-paper here, to learn how best to capitalise on this trend of optimism, including:
  • Gain a Bigger Piece – How to be part of the Canadian government’s ambition to double their share of the N. American PetChem market, and benefit from the $1.1bn on offer to do so.
  • Not When but Where – An in-depth comparison of Canada’s leading provinces to help you locate the optimum  site for establishing new PetroChemcial facilities
  • Get the Value – Learn how Inter Pipeline are capitalising on the low price of Feedstock to grow their share of world markets in this comprehensive Case Study

Take advantage of these key and unique findings, and many more game-changing insights, by downloading our 50 page White Paper here.